Discover the authentic flavors of African food at Exotic Plaza

Are you looking for the most delicious African foods? Then Exotic Plaza is the right place for you! Our store offers a wide range of African products, from herbs and spices to rice, legumes, sauces and much more. Read on to learn about the flavors and dishes that make African cuisines so unique.

The most popular food in Africa

Africa is a continent with a rich culinary tradition and there are many dishes that are popular in different regions. For example, in West Africa ‘Jollof Rice’ is a popular dish, while ‘Bobotie’ from South Africa is very popular. Rice is widely eaten in Africa and is often served with stews, such as ‘Poulet Yassa’ from Senegal or ‘NdolĂ©’ from Cameroon. Other well-known African dishes include ‘Nyama Choma’ (roasted meat) from East Africa and ‘Bunny Chow’ (a curry served in a hollowed-out bread) from South Africa.

Which herbs come from Africa?

Typical African food can be described as savory and spicy. Many dishes are stews with meat, fish or vegetables and are flavored with herbs and spices. In West Africa ‘Jollof Rice’ is a typical dish, while in East Africa ‘Nyama Choma’ is very popular. ‘Bunny Chow’ is a dish from South Africa and is also typically African. It is a curry served in a hollowed-out bread.

Delicious African food can be found at Exotic Plaza

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